Involving Undergraduates in Genomics Research

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Catalogue of resources explaining how to invlove undergraduates in genomics research

While the benefits of undergraduate research experiences (UREs) are recognized for undergraduates, the advantages of UREs for graduate students, post-doctoral scholars, and faculty are not clearly outlined. The analysis of genomic data is particularly well-suited for successful involvement of undergraduates.

We have prepared an online catalogue of resources and published papers aimed at addressing the teaching-research divide in computational genomics. The catalogue was prepared for our study “Involving undergraduates in genomics research to narrow the education-research gap”

Published Papers

We are working to improve the catalogue. New resourse or paper can be added by Issues iterface using this link (use New Issue button): https://github.com/smangul1/undergraduates-in-genomics/issues

(C) Prepared by Serghei Mangul and Lana Martin 2017